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Chickasaw Capital Branding

Chickasaw Capital is a leading investment manager serving institutions, financial intermediaries, and high net worth individuals. The firm's logo — through its stationery system and all other applications — needed to convey trust and tradition, experience and expertise. Very well received initially and still embraced by the client, this branding developed by Page2 reflects a proven past with an eye toward the prospects of the future.

ConnectYard Branding

ConnectYard provides a centralized social media platform that allows users to interact across popular social and mobile technologies. As a tech-centric business, the CY logo had to display a crisp, modern style. The branding that we achieved combines iconography that illustrates the themes of networking and connectivity with clean, contemporary typography that sets a technological tone.

MainGate MLP Fund Branding

MainGate is an investment fund managed by Chickasaw Capital Management (see other portfolio samples). Page2 has played a lead developmental role in the fund's marketing from its very launch — with its naming, branding and messaging — to its ongoing performance. Federal regulation bars any further comment on the fund's marketing objectives.

Imperial Ad Prototypes

Page2 ran with their already established, though inherently limited concept to provide Imperial A.I. Credit (now Imperial PFS) with a full family of impactful images that would diversify their advertising message. With brand standards that called for a basic but bold graphic approach, we composed these visuals that breathed life into the company's triad of taglines...Helping You Leap Forward, Helping You See Things Differently, Helping You Grow.

OurpArt.com Branding

OurpArt.com was a small start-up venture aimed at providing an online forum for artists to display and sell their work. Its founders came to Page2 with only this objective in mind...no name, logo, tagline or other essential elements existed. We worked closely with the client to gain a complete understanding of their motivations and desired message before getting to work on concept development.

JOAT Allcomm Branding

JOAT (Jack Of All Trades) Allcomm was a private telecommunications agent in need of a logo. From the array of initial concepts, the final strategy shown here uses a close facial cropping of a Jack playing card with the resulting negative space forming a red arrow that lends a "tech" aspect to the artwork. The self-contained box encapsulation gives the logo the flexibility to appear against any number of backgrounds with no modifications required.

SellPage™ Marketing-on-Demand System

SellPage™ is Page2’s own marketing-on-demand service. It allows a company’s user base to quickly + easily prepare cross-media communications with marketing-controlled customization, agency quality + on-demand production. Users simply login, select a template, then click through a few basic menus to produce an order. The result is a more targeted, longer-lasting marketing tool that bypasses several cost + risk factors associated with mass-printing.  < visit SellPage™ website >

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