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WhereITsAt Websites

WhereITsAt called for developing a single template that would have its color palette modified to serve the specific needs of each member within a suite of websites. The project objectives called for a sleek, tech-forward design — reminiscent of some leading consumer sites referenced by the client — employing a modular approach that could easily adapt to different content structures.

Thurnauer School of Music Anniversary

As one of the top music schools in NJ, the Thurnauer School of Music marked its 25th anniversary with a complete campaign-style calendar of events. Page2 was challenged with developing the overall design strategy of the campaign — which had to reflect the school's classical heritage, diverse student body and other complex characteristics — then apply that strategy to a suite of different print and digital components.

Pearson Nursing Portal

The Pearson Nursing Portal represented a major new initiative for Pearson's Health Sciences division. Page2 advised on all aspects of the website's development — content structure, navigation, functionality and more — in addition to handling its design in full. This project came with the added challenge of being the first Pearson website to be developed using the company's new worldwide branding strategy.  < view live >

Pearson TEKS Challenge App

Pearson needed an app that would help prepare K-12 students for science tests that meet the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) standards. Since both the age of the user and the depth of the subject matter spanned wide ranges, the challenge for Page2 was multi-layered. The design and navigation scheme that we developed interweaves multiple areas of science while, at the same time, remaining clear and engaging enough for any level of student.


Metro Teaching & Learning Catalog

For the development of Metro's annual PreK-8 product catalog, Page2 aimed for a design that was both fun and informative. While catalogs need navigational page scaffolding, its tabs, borders or bands don't have to be composed of straight edges. The curves introduced as borders for the cover's photo window carry through to the interior scaffolding, while the remainder of the page remains white to showcase Metro's product photography.

ConnectYard Marketing Sheets

ConnectYard links students & teachers, employees & management, citizens & their communities with its centralized social media platform. Among other marketing initiatives, Page2 developed this versatile template that can be customized for market-specific sell sheets, modified to form a case study sheet, or serve a variety of other document functions.

Young World Day School Materials

Young World Day School offers an individualized approach to education for children two years old through fifth grade. The objective for their marketing and school materials was a classic elementary education approach that kept the focus on the kids and the content. Traditional colors, visuals and typography — with interspersed snapshots of the school and its students — set just the desired tone.

Berlitz Language Learning Materials

As is the case with many of our clients, it's hard to remember a time when Page2 didn't have a strong relationship with Berlitz. From their English Language Learning program to complete curricula in German, Spanish, French and other languages, we've played a lead role in the design and/or production of many Berlitz print, packaging, media and online components.

Pearson enVisionMATH Marketing App

This enVisionMATH app helped Pearson spark a movement toward mobile marketing. Interactive marketing collateral, sample packaging, professional development, and more is bundled into a single digital portfolio that can be deployed as a standalone app or multi-issue storefront.

developed by former staff member Brian Kane while at Pearson

Richardson Economics

For this High School textbook design, the challenge assigned to Page2 was to make Economics cool and real — don't talk down, don't talk dry — make it look like something these kids might actually want to check out. Part of our approach was to avoid copping-out/selling-short on the level of design...if executed effectively, you truly can feature rich, involved visuals and complex graphic elements without detracting from the content.

Longfield Chemistry

These three cover concepts developed for a High School Chemistry textbook were well-received by the client. A variation that involved, in part, the blending of select elements shown here went on to form the final cover. The initial creative brief provided to Page2 called for a white background and a central visual — either composed of multiple images or a single image — that in some way depicted chemical interactions at work in the real world.

LifeSkills Training: Transitions

This adaptation of the Botvin LifeSkills Training program — produced by National Health Promotion Associates — targets the health and wellness of students in career and technical education schools. The design objectives focused on a look that was less educational and more contemporary, with a sleek look and feel that would appeal to both students and teachers.

LifeSkills Training: Work Life

Developed for companies to provide to their employees, this adaptation of the Botvin LifeSkills Training program — produced by National Health Promotion Associates — promotes employee health and wellness, thereby enhancing a company's productivity. Page2's role involved the direction and composition of product photography as well as the development of the program's marketing vehicles.

Claremont Research Reports

California's Claremont Graduate University assigned Page2 the challenge of developing a design template for their professional research reports. Our goal was to elevate the quality of presentation to be more in balance with the quality of information. With these newly designed reports, the perceived value of the final work product has been raised — even before the first word of research is read.

Marvi Hammer's World of English

Marvi Hammer is a cartoon character that hosts an educational children's TV series involving journeys of scientific and linguistic discovery. The series has a strong following in Europe, Asia and South America with growing popularity elsewhere. National Geographic and Cengage Learning approached Page2 with the opportunity to design the covers for the first English Language Learning classroom components based on the character.

Grammar: Form and Function

Complications in product pipelining meant that this McGraw-Hill grammar series needed its covers developed fast. Long story, short — Page2 was first briefed on the project early one weekday evening. Midway through the following morning, we presented the client with completed concepts, including placed photography and alternate image options. With extremely minimal changes, the final covers were then produced.

U.S. Citizen, Yes

This Cengage Learning program — subtitled Preparing for Citizenship — helps promote success on the U.S. citizenship test and encourages its readers to become active members of their communities. Page2 took an approach to its cover design that bridged the gap between textbook and novel, conveying the sentiment and symbolism of the American spirit with an engaging, approachable style.

ConnectYard Branding

ConnectYard provides a centralized social media platform that allows users to interact across popular social and mobile technologies. As a tech-centric business, the CY logo had to display a crisp, modern style. The branding that we achieved combines iconography that illustrates the themes of networking and connectivity with clean, contemporary typography that sets a technological tone.

Cengage Reading Explorer

Reading Explorer — a four-level reading series for English Language Learners — represents Cengage's first collaboration with National Geographic Learning. Its captivating design keeps National Geographic's stunning imagery and real-world profiles at the forefront, getting readers fully engaged in the learning process. The program has met with both consumer and critical acclaim, with its design often noted as a contributing factor.

Cengage Pathways

Developed in two strands — Reading, Writing, and Critical Thinking and Listening, Speaking, and Critical Thinking — each consisting of five levels, this innovative Cengage + National Geographic Learning ELL program has met with great success. Its achievements, as reported from both the classroom and the critics, are due in part to its striking design that captures attention without competing with pedagogy.

Pearson Catalog Covers

As a longstanding and valued client — with roots extending deep into the Page2 staff and ownership — Pearson calls upon us to develop their annual K-12 discipline-specific catalog covers. This project requires close collaboration with the client to keep stride with times and technologies that affect the worlds of both education and design, resulting in strategies that offer a balance between trends and traditions.

Pearson OLE Marketing App

Pearson’s OLE (Online Learning Exchange) app was developed to better position Pearson as a technology leader. The app effectively demonstrates the ability to package interactive marketing tools — such as sales presentations and product tutorials — for mobile media, allowing the sales force to deliver engaging up-to-the-minute presentations without the need for Internet access.

developed by former staff member Brian Kane while at Pearson

SellPage™ Marketing-on-Demand System

SellPage™ is Page2’s own marketing-on-demand service. It allows a company’s user base to quickly + easily prepare cross-media communications with marketing-controlled customization, agency quality + on-demand production. Users simply login, select a template, then click through a few basic menus to produce an order. The result is a more targeted, longer-lasting marketing tool that bypasses several cost + risk factors associated with mass-printing.  < visit SellPage™ website >

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