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WhereITsAt Websites

WhereITsAt called for developing a single template that would have its color palette modified to serve the specific needs of each member within a suite of websites. The project objectives called for a sleek, tech-forward design — reminiscent of some leading consumer sites referenced by the client — employing a modular approach that could easily adapt to different content structures.

Ricoh MP C4502 Marketing App

As Ricoh’s first foray into marketing via mobile device, this app represents a total re-engineering of its printed counterpart. The brochure’s contents were disassembled and re-storyboarded to be optimal for the digital experience. Multimedia elements were then introduced to bring life to the overall product presentation, reaching levels of both value and user engagement that static content simply cannot achieve.

ConnectYard Branding

ConnectYard provides a centralized social media platform that allows users to interact across popular social and mobile technologies. As a tech-centric business, the CY logo had to display a crisp, modern style. The branding that we achieved combines iconography that illustrates the themes of networking and connectivity with clean, contemporary typography that sets a technological tone.

Ricoh, Savin & Lanier B2C Brochures

For over 12 years, Page2 has played a lead role in the development of Marketing Communications components for Ricoh Corporation's three brands of document output & management devices — Ricoh, Savin & Lanier. These particular brochures represented a special initiative to market an entire line of products within a single brochure per brand, calling special attention — through digital illustration — to the difference that a splash of color can make to an otherwise black & white piece.

Pearson TEKS Challenge App

Pearson needed an app that would help prepare K-12 students for science tests that meet the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) standards. Since both the age of the user and the depth of the subject matter spanned wide ranges, the challenge for Page2 was multi-layered. The design and navigation scheme that we developed interweaves multiple areas of science while, at the same time, remaining clear and engaging enough for any level of student.


Ricoh MP C4502 Brochure

This brochure was among the first to be designed using Ricoh's new worldwide branding standards established early in 2012. The new approach was implemented by the company's Japan headquarters, then adapted for the U.S. market by Page2 under the direction of Ricoh's Marketing Communications team. Its modular structure allows for a high degree of flexibility in presenting different bodies of content for different product lines.

JOAT Allcomm Branding

JOAT (Jack Of All Trades) Allcomm was a private telecommunications agent in need of a logo. From the array of initial concepts, the final strategy shown here uses a close facial cropping of a Jack playing card with the resulting negative space forming a red arrow that lends a "tech" aspect to the artwork. The self-contained box encapsulation gives the logo the flexibility to appear against any number of backgrounds with no modifications required.

Ricoh Product Finder

Page2's proposed product-finder wheels for Ricoh offered a fast & easy means of identifying which document output and/or management device best met the needs of the potential buyer. Search criteria included the functions that each product performs, its network accessibility, duplex capability, memory, print resolution, maximum sheet size and capacity, and top copy/print speed.

ConnectYard Marketing Sheets

ConnectYard links students & teachers, employees & management, citizens & their communities with its centralized social media platform. Among other marketing initiatives, Page2 developed this versatile template that can be customized for market-specific sell sheets, modified to form a case study sheet, or serve a variety of other document functions.

Pearson OLE Marketing App

Pearson’s OLE (Online Learning Exchange) app was developed to better position Pearson as a technology leader. The app effectively demonstrates the ability to package interactive marketing tools — such as sales presentations and product tutorials — for mobile media, allowing the sales force to deliver engaging up-to-the-minute presentations without the need for Internet access.

developed by former staff member Brian Kane while at Pearson

OurpArt.com Branding

OurpArt.com was a small start-up venture aimed at providing an online forum for artists to display and sell their work. Its founders came to Page2 with only this objective in mind...no name, logo, tagline or other essential elements existed. We worked closely with the client to gain a complete understanding of their motivations and desired message before getting to work on concept development.

IKON and Ricoh Merger

IKON and Ricoh would be joining forces to ally a trusted services provider with a technological innovator. With its proven performance as a lead developer of Ricoh’s Marketing Communications collateral, Page2 was awarded the responsibility of designing the various components that would form the merger announcement campaign. This effort involved a slight massaging of the existing IKON branding to incorporate an element of Ricoh identity.

Mechanical Technologies Website

Mechanical Technologies specializes in product-based solutions for commercial and industrial HVAC applications. For their website, the client sought a relatively straightforward approach that provided a blended feel drawing from both technical and industrial styles. The home page's animation sequence reflects the wide range of both markets and manufacturers that the company serves.  < view live >

Pearson enVisionMATH Marketing App

This enVisionMATH app helped Pearson spark a movement toward mobile marketing. Interactive marketing collateral, sample packaging, professional development, and more is bundled into a single digital portfolio that can be deployed as a standalone app or multi-issue storefront.

developed by former staff member Brian Kane while at Pearson

Waterstone Property Flipbook

The digital version of the WS Property Journal (see Print: Promo section), this online flipbook emulates the traditional print experience — with audible page flipping, depth and shading, etc. — while providing the ability to zoom, search, download, share and more. And unlike similar pubs, the optional responsive file construction of Page2’s system can detect a viewer’s device and feed it a version that’s either PC-optimized or mobile-optimized (note that this particular sample is PC-only).  < view live >

SellPage™ Marketing-on-Demand System

SellPage™ is Page2’s own marketing-on-demand service. It allows a company’s user base to quickly + easily prepare cross-media communications with marketing-controlled customization, agency quality + on-demand production. Users simply login, select a template, then click through a few basic menus to produce an order. The result is a more targeted, longer-lasting marketing tool that bypasses several cost + risk factors associated with mass-printing.  < visit SellPage™ website >

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