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Titanium Industries Medical Display

Titanium Industries produces metals for a wide range of markets and an even wider range of applications. This exhibit space for their medical division seeks to reflect the myriad ways in which titanium — both the metal and company — touches the world of medicine. It pursues the client’s latest branding objectives, portraying an image that’s clean, contemporary and engaging.

Flavor & Fragrance Display

With an eye toward economy, FFS sought to repurpose their existing exhibit structure, but incorporate some dimension and a new graphic wrap. Page2 achieved part of the client’s objectives by adding an extruded sign that raised and enlarged their logo. Then — to gain a sophisticated, customized appearance on a modest budget — we obtained and dismantled chrome-framed kitchen clocks to encase market-specific spot photos that change from event-to-event.

SellPage™ Marketing-on-Demand System

SellPage™ is Page2’s own marketing-on-demand service. It allows a company’s user base to quickly + easily prepare cross-media communications with marketing-controlled customization, agency quality + on-demand production. Users simply login, select a template, then click through a few basic menus to produce an order. The result is a more targeted, longer-lasting marketing tool that bypasses several cost + risk factors associated with mass-printing.  < visit SellPage™ website >

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