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Piper-Heidsieck Advertorial

This advertorial appeared in Food & Wine magazine, offering a culinary pairing for each expression of Piper-Heidsieck champagne. For an advertorial, the Art Director strays from the established branding — in direct contradiction to an advertisement — though does integrate some of its elements (color or typography, etc.)...the objective being a sense of 'third-partiness', as if the piece is simply another article within the publication.

Cointreau Recipe Booklet

This pocket-size Cocktails & Cuisine booklet expanded consumer awareness of Cointreau's many applications. Its refreshing design made the most of existing branding guidelines while allowing the cocktail and culinary photography to steal the show. The client's enthusiasm over the end result and its success in the field has lead to further generations of the piece with only minor updates and enhancements.

Remote Control Wraps

These remote control wraps — developed for E. & J. Gallo Wines and others — have been used in Westin, Sheraton, DoubleTree and private boutique hotels to advertise wine & spirit deals, culinary specials and other events happening in or around the property. Their high-visibility location ensures handling by guests and installation by cleaning crews is a simple peel-n-seal process.

SellPage™ Marketing-on-Demand System

SellPage™ is Page2’s own marketing-on-demand service. It allows a company’s user base to quickly + easily prepare cross-media communications with marketing-controlled customization, agency quality + on-demand production. Users simply login, select a template, then click through a few basic menus to produce an order. The result is a more targeted, longer-lasting marketing tool that bypasses several cost + risk factors associated with mass-printing.  < visit SellPage™ website >

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