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Valero Oil Packaging

This package concept was produced as part of a pitch made to Valero by a third party (details are confidential). The aim of Page2's design strategy was to pursue Valero's existing branding principles in a fully developed and visually engaging way — rather than defaulting to the completely generic look that so many seem to adopt when introducing a peripheral product offering to their core services.

ICC Chemical Website

Following the evolution of the ICC Industries corporate compendium brochure, the new ICC Chemical website reflects the multifaceted global capabilities of the company. Page2 designed its home page to provide a visual vignette of each division within ICC Chemical before drilling-down into more comprehensive descriptions, directories and product listings.

ICC Industries Brochure

For over 12 years, the senior staff members of Page2 have developed this biannual corporate compendium that profiles the various divisions of ICC Industries. Aiming to accentuate the company's worldwide resources, the piece's signature visual is always some new conceptualization of global connections and networking. Special features include opening comments from ICC's leaders and a timeline that traces historical milestones of the corporation.

Symrise Product Portfolio

Operating within the branding guidelines established by Symrise headquarters in Europe, Page2 developed this striking product portfolio that presents complex chemical specifications in a visually appealing way. The portfolio is organized by ingredients, using vivid photography and color-coding — prominently on the section-opening table of contents tabs, subtly in the flowing product listing pages — for simple navigation.

Longfield Chemistry

These three cover concepts developed for a High School Chemistry textbook were well-received by the client. A variation that involved, in part, the blending of select elements shown here went on to form the final cover. The initial creative brief provided to Page2 called for a white background and a central visual — either composed of multiple images or a single image — that in some way depicted chemical interactions at work in the real world.

Flavor & Fragrance Display

With an eye toward economy, FFS sought to repurpose their existing exhibit structure, but incorporate some dimension and a new graphic wrap. Page2 achieved part of the client’s objectives by adding an extruded sign that raised and enlarged their logo. Then — to gain a sophisticated, customized appearance on a modest budget — we obtained and dismantled chrome-framed kitchen clocks to encase market-specific spot photos that change from event-to-event.

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