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The Macallan 'Essentials'

How do you tell the story of a brand as deep as The Macallan — its history, distillation processes, Sherry Oak & Fine Oak marques and its complete suite of aged expressions — in a print format the size of a credit card? Page2 developed the graphic design of this multi-panel fold-out that consolidates quickly & easily into an accordion format sandwiched by front and back cover cards...a solution as portable as it is educational.

Piper-Heidsieck Advertorial

This advertorial appeared in Food & Wine magazine, offering a culinary pairing for each expression of Piper-Heidsieck champagne. For an advertorial, the Art Director strays from the established branding — in direct contradiction to an advertisement — though does integrate some of its elements (color or typography, etc.)...the objective being a sense of 'third-partiness', as if the piece is simply another article within the publication.

Sheraton Ad Concepts

The Sheraton at Woodbridge Place was interested in fresh creative and strategy for their advertising. Page2 developed these concepts and others for the initial pitch, providing not only a diverse menu of distinct visual approaches but also a number of positioning statements and supporting copy that pursued the client's key themes and objectives. One of our submissions was chosen with minimal modifications and the new campaign was launched.

Russian Standard & Imperia Sheets

The #1 vodka brand in Russia would be making its first trip to America. Both of its marques — Russian Standard & Imperia — would be piloted in major cities across the U.S. Remy Cointreau USA would be responsible for all marketing & distribution efforts, so they called upon Page2 — who had served many of their brands for 10+ years — to develop the majority of the print marketing, advertising, POS components and packaging for this critical initial launch.

MainGate MLP Fund Literature

An investment fund like MainGate requires a vast library of communication pieces to keep its shareholders informed. From the very launch of the fund — with its naming, branding and messaging — to its ongoing performance, Page2 has played a pivotal day-to-day role in developing MainGate's marketing and educational content, collaborating with its legal and finance associates to manage that content's compliance, and ultimately producing its print and digital communications.

Devils Marketing Collateral

Page2 has developed an array of distinct marketing vehicles for the New Jersey Devils — including brochures, invitations, direct-mailers and even a season-ticket pocket folder that opened-up to form a perfectly round hockey puck. We are known for coming-up with innovative structures, formats and types of media that capture the consumer's interest without breaking the client's budget.

JCCOTP 60th Anniversary Gala

Kaplen JCC on the Palisades in one of the largest JCC facilities in the U.S. Its campus provides a comprehensive curriculum of educational and recreational opportunities for young & old and boasts one of the top music schools in NJ. So when such a renowned organization celebrates its 60th anniversary with a year-long campaign culminating in a black-tie affair, a very particular blend of festive & sophisticated, traditional & contemporary is needed.

Thurnauer School of Music Anniversary

As one of the top music schools in NJ, the Thurnauer School of Music marked its 25th anniversary with a complete campaign-style calendar of events. Page2 was challenged with developing the overall design strategy of the campaign — which had to reflect the school's classical heritage, diverse student body and other complex characteristics — then apply that strategy to a suite of different print and digital components.

Wolters Kluwer Executive Summary

An essential vehicle in communicating the Wolters Kluwer Health mission, this Customer Value and Offerings brochure featured a custom diecut reveal that dovetailed perfectly with the company's established segmented/geometric branding. The gridwork graphic element conveyed the sense of linear logic in the company's research practices while offering the flexibility to feature an interesting blend of human-interest photos that connect practices to people.

ICC Industries Brochure

For over 12 years, the senior staff members of Page2 have developed this biannual corporate compendium that profiles the various divisions of ICC Industries. Aiming to accentuate the company's worldwide resources, the piece's signature visual is always some new conceptualization of global connections and networking. Special features include opening comments from ICC's leaders and a timeline that traces historical milestones of the corporation.

Ricoh, Savin & Lanier B2C Brochures

For over 12 years, Page2 has played a lead role in the development of Marketing Communications components for Ricoh Corporation's three brands of document output & management devices — Ricoh, Savin & Lanier. These particular brochures represented a special initiative to market an entire line of products within a single brochure per brand, calling special attention — through digital illustration — to the difference that a splash of color can make to an otherwise black & white piece.

Titanium Industries Services Kit

With a custom diecut pocket folder composed of an actual metallic stock and a suite of content-heavy yet easily accessible insert sheets, this services kit hits the desired target. The rich tone-on-tone flattened global pattern reflects the company's worldwide reach while allowing the application-specific visuals to pop off the page. More photos dedicated to each division then set the scene for the technical data that surrounds them.

Vermont Vodka Sell Sheets

The artisans of Vermont Spirits bring craft distilling to a whole new level with their vodka. While its two marques, Vermont White and Vermont Gold, adhere to the same branding standards, their marketing messages and supporting visuals diverge — the White being more lighthearted and the Gold striking a more sophisticated stance. Sidebar...A day spent digitally illustrating a martini onto the side of a cow = a good day.

Symrise Product Portfolio

Operating within the branding guidelines established by Symrise headquarters in Europe, Page2 developed this striking product portfolio that presents complex chemical specifications in a visually appealing way. The portfolio is organized by ingredients, using vivid photography and color-coding — prominently on the section-opening table of contents tabs, subtly in the flowing product listing pages — for simple navigation.

Verilux Catalog & Mailer

Entering into our relationship, Verilux provided Page2 with loose branding guidelines that were a work-in-progress — the hope being that our efforts in designing these pieces would mesh well with the company's own efforts to advance the branding initiative, resulting in a final tried-and-true set of standards. By maintaining clear, consistent communications and remaining infinitely open to modifications, we were able to collaborate effectively to achieve both the short- and long-term objectives.

Waterstone Property Journal

Exhibiting the Fine Art of Luxury Hospitality demands more than the standard marketing piece. So in keeping with Waterstone's tagline, Page2 worked with the client to seek the best format in which to display their collection of upscale properties, then developed a design strategy that reflects an air of stately sophistication. While compact at 5" x 7", this 128-page book's premium materials and onpage design deliver an intrinsic value that cannot be overlooked.

Cointreau Recipe Booklet

This pocket-size Cocktails & Cuisine booklet expanded consumer awareness of Cointreau's many applications. Its refreshing design made the most of existing branding guidelines while allowing the cocktail and culinary photography to steal the show. The client's enthusiasm over the end result and its success in the field has lead to further generations of the piece with only minor updates and enhancements.

Remy Cointreau Corporate Ad

Our mutual success with brand-specific projects for over 10 years earned Page2 the opportunity to develop the Remy Cointreau USA corporate ad. Since the launch of the original design, the approach has been revisited and the bottle photography revised to reflect changes in the RCUSA portfolio. This latest generation — like its predecessors — appears in numerous publications and is sometimes modified to serve other marketing needs.

Imperial Ad Prototypes

Page2 ran with their already established, though inherently limited concept to provide Imperial A.I. Credit (now Imperial PFS) with a full family of impactful images that would diversify their advertising message. With brand standards that called for a basic but bold graphic approach, we composed these visuals that breathed life into the company's triad of taglines...Helping You Leap Forward, Helping You See Things Differently, Helping You Grow.

Newton Vineyard Brochure

After an in-depth concept exploration where Page2 proposed a wide array of size and structure strategies, this neat 6" x 6" canvas was chosen as the desired direction. Newton was able to provide our client — Moet Hennessy USA — with an extensive photo collection of their vineyards, cellars and surrounding grounds to portray within the elegant typography and clean layout of our design approach.

Pearson Catalog Covers

As a longstanding and valued client — with roots extending deep into the Page2 staff and ownership — Pearson calls upon us to develop their annual K-12 discipline-specific catalog covers. This project requires close collaboration with the client to keep stride with times and technologies that affect the worlds of both education and design, resulting in strategies that offer a balance between trends and traditions.

IKON and Ricoh Merger

IKON and Ricoh would be joining forces to ally a trusted services provider with a technological innovator. With its proven performance as a lead developer of Ricoh’s Marketing Communications collateral, Page2 was awarded the responsibility of designing the various components that would form the merger announcement campaign. This effort involved a slight massaging of the existing IKON branding to incorporate an element of Ricoh identity.

Moet Hennessy USA Portfolio

Having served them well with brand-specific projects for many years, MHUSA granted Page2 the opportunity to develop the structure and design of the inserts for their annual brand portfolio. To offer readers a drill-down approach to accessing the content, we came up with a short-folded sheet that displayed an In Brief page when closed (for a quick brand snapshot) or an In Depth spread when open (for a complete brand story).

Piper-Heidsieck Cool Box Promo

The introduction of Piper-Heidsieck's Cool Box — a portable isothermic case that keeps champagne cool for up to 2 hours — called for marketing and POS materials to promote the innovative packaging. Mirroring the style of the package itself, this sell sheet is set in the brand's rich shaded red with gold metallic and white type. The three-phase product photography includes callouts that describe specific features of the case.

Ricoh MP C4502 Brochure

This brochure was among the first to be designed using Ricoh's new worldwide branding standards established early in 2012. The new approach was implemented by the company's Japan headquarters, then adapted for the U.S. market by Page2 under the direction of Ricoh's Marketing Communications team. Its modular structure allows for a high degree of flexibility in presenting different bodies of content for different product lines.

Metro Teaching & Learning Catalog

For the development of Metro's annual PreK-8 product catalog, Page2 aimed for a design that was both fun and informative. While catalogs need navigational page scaffolding, its tabs, borders or bands don't have to be composed of straight edges. The curves introduced as borders for the cover's photo window carry through to the interior scaffolding, while the remainder of the page remains white to showcase Metro's product photography.

ConnectYard Marketing Sheets

ConnectYard links students & teachers, employees & management, citizens & their communities with its centralized social media platform. Among other marketing initiatives, Page2 developed this versatile template that can be customized for market-specific sell sheets, modified to form a case study sheet, or serve a variety of other document functions.

Young World Day School Materials

Young World Day School offers an individualized approach to education for children two years old through fifth grade. The objective for their marketing and school materials was a classic elementary education approach that kept the focus on the kids and the content. Traditional colors, visuals and typography — with interspersed snapshots of the school and its students — set just the desired tone.

SellPage™ Marketing-on-Demand System

SellPage™ is Page2’s own marketing-on-demand service. It allows a company’s user base to quickly + easily prepare cross-media communications with marketing-controlled customization, agency quality + on-demand production. Users simply login, select a template, then click through a few basic menus to produce an order. The result is a more targeted, longer-lasting marketing tool that bypasses several cost + risk factors associated with mass-printing.  < visit SellPage™ website >

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