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MainGate MLP Fund Literature

An investment fund like MainGate requires a vast library of communication pieces to keep its shareholders informed. From the very launch of the fund — with its naming, branding and messaging — to its ongoing performance, Page2 has played a pivotal day-to-day role in developing MainGate's marketing and educational content, collaborating with its legal and finance associates to manage that content's compliance, and ultimately producing its print and digital communications.

MainGate MLP Fund Website

Like its companions in other media categories, MainGate's website must achieve its marketing objectives within the tight parameters established and policed by federal compliance agencies. While keeping these factors always in mind, Page2 strove to deliver a captivating visual experience using what might otherwise be considered less picturesque subject matter — oil & gas industry infrastructure.  < view live >

Chickasaw Capital Management Website

CCM is the adviser to the MainGate MLP Fund (see other portfolio samples). So when the time came to redevelop the design strategy that surrounds their existing branding, it made sense to both evolve from what had proven to be a successful current approach — rather than inventing a new one — and to extend from the visual identity of their newly launched product — the MainGate MLP Fund.  < view live >

Imperial Ad Prototypes

Page2 ran with their already established, though inherently limited concept to provide Imperial A.I. Credit (now Imperial PFS) with a full family of impactful images that would diversify their advertising message. With brand standards that called for a basic but bold graphic approach, we composed these visuals that breathed life into the company's triad of taglines...Helping You Leap Forward, Helping You See Things Differently, Helping You Grow.

Chickasaw Capital Branding

Chickasaw Capital is a leading investment manager serving institutions, financial intermediaries, and high net worth individuals. The firm's logo — through its stationery system and all other applications — needed to convey trust and tradition, experience and expertise. Very well received initially and still embraced by the client, this branding developed by Page2 reflects a proven past with an eye toward the prospects of the future.

MainGate MLP Fund Branding

MainGate is an investment fund managed by Chickasaw Capital Management (see other portfolio samples). Page2 has played a lead developmental role in the fund's marketing from its very launch — with its naming, branding and messaging — to its ongoing performance. Federal regulation bars any further comment on the fund's marketing objectives.

SellPage™ Marketing-on-Demand System

SellPage™ is Page2’s own marketing-on-demand service. It allows a company’s user base to quickly + easily prepare cross-media communications with marketing-controlled customization, agency quality + on-demand production. Users simply login, select a template, then click through a few basic menus to produce an order. The result is a more targeted, longer-lasting marketing tool that bypasses several cost + risk factors associated with mass-printing.  < visit SellPage™ website >

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